Deciding Between a Permanent or Consulting Role?

3 years ago #Success

Do you feel like you’re ready to be your own boss, or are you thinking of transitioning from consulting to a permanent role? You are not alone. Depending on your background, both a permanent or a contract job could be an excellent idea for you. IT professionals are often seeing the potential and taking advantage of the high demand for IT talents through consultant roles. On the other hand, many IT professionals prefer permanent roles over running their own consulting companies. Deciding to take on a consulting role or a permanent role depends on the rewards you’re looking for.


If you’re looking for higher compensation, you may want to consider consulting opportunities. With enough experience, you can earn a lot by helping companies produce desired results for projects and/or clients. Consultants know that organisations value their skills and charge accordingly for it. 


Everybody wants the option to take a vacation at a moment’s notice or to work according to their schedule. Consultancy gives you flexibility while still providing you with a stream of income. 

Security & Stability

Consultancy does not always mean a steady income. With a permanent role, you enjoy a steady stream of payment backed by benefits. As a permanent employee, you’re also a part of something bigger because you are working with a company and have a steady team.

Whatever path you decide on, EyeTech Solutions can help you with both! We recruit for both permanent and contract roles. Learn more about us here.


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