How can you help an IT Recruiter find you?

3 years ago #Success

Working with specialised recruitment consultants has many advantages for an IT candidate. Recruitment consultants have connections to various companies and open jobs. At EyeTech Solutions, our recruitment consultants are specialised in different areas of IT, always focusing on a certain sector so that your profile is matched with the perfect job.


How can you get recruitment consultants' attention?


1. Boost your visibility


Get involved with networking events and industry conferences. Networking is always beneficial as you will meet like-minded people who can always introduce you to others. Chances are some of the IT talents you meet will have worked with a recruiter in the past. 


2. Connect with recruiters on LinkedIn


On EyeTech Solutions' LinkedIn page, we post our open jobs so that you will never miss any position that our consultants are working on. You can see all of our employees on our LinkedIn page and connect with the ones in your relevant industry. Our consultants usually have their specialisation in their headline. 


3. Regularly apply for jobs


Consultants' main goal is to place suitable candidates with suitable companies. In order for them to keep you at top of mind, you need to make sure you are actively giving them something to work with. Apply for open jobs regularly when a new opportunity presents itself.


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